Creative Entrepreneur

I was an entrepreneur before I even knew what the word meant.
— Andre D. Lee


As a middle school student Andre would buy candy and chips every Sunday after church and resell them for a profit during the school week.

As a freshman in high school Andre had a passion for producing music. However, he did not have the resources to buy the computer and software he needed. So, rather than giving up, Andre created a business plan and used his natural ability to sale in order to accomplish his goals. Andre’s business was to be a liaison for local producers and sell their music to artists. As part of the deal, Andre earned a percentage of each sell. Andre continued this business until he saved enough to purchase his own equipment.

During Andre’s junior year of college, he began playing the piano for musical artists in the Indianapolis & Chicago areas. Andre expanded his gift and found success as he pursued a career as a musician and producer. Andre built his resume as a Minister of Music, Band Director, and eventually scored his first film/documentary in 2016.

Although he was consistently hired as a musician, the churches and artists he worked for always wanted Andre to fulfill a more administrative role. Andre’s love for organization and process improvement always proved to be undeniable, and everyone wanted to use his gifts beyond the piano. After years of performing as a musician and managing artists/bands, Andre stepped from behind the keyboards and pursued a career in business management/administration.

Andre D. Lee, Andriea Denise (CEO, Write Mind Studio)

Andre D. Lee, Andriea Denise (CEO, Write Mind Studio)


In 2015 Andre started a youth ministry blog at his home church which received an overwhelming response from the youth and their parents stating how much it inspired them to continue living for God. His passion for teaching & inspirational writing led him to start his own blog Faith, Leadership, & Inspiration, and soon after became a contributing writer for the Write Mind Studio.

After contributing to the Write Mind Studio as a writer and assistant to the CEO for over a year, Andre became Director of Operations, handling the day-to-day of the business.

Andre is also the Co-Founder of The Write Mind Media Group, a multi-media consulting and management firm. As Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Andre uses his passion for music, film, and writing to equip and empower creative entrepreneurs to champion their goals.