Andre D. Lee


Andre D. Lee is a husband, father, mentor, speaker, coach, and youth counselor with a passion for leadership development. Andre comes from two generations of pastors, preachers, and teachers, which he gives credit for his love of developing & empowering others. He believes everyone is a leader and simply needs to fine tune their skills.

In 2012, Andre graduated from Manchester University (formerly Manchester College) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. He uses his life experiences, which includes being a two-sport collegiate athlete, to encourage and inspire others to endure adversity and “walk by faith.”

Andre is also a passionate creative entrepreneur and musician with experience in a variety of industries. Andre’s professional development dates back to 2010 when he started his first business as an independent contractor, fulfilling business administration and brand ambassador roles for small businesses and musical artists in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas.

Today, Andre is the Co-founder of Write Mind Media Group, a multi-media consulting and management company, and the Director of Business Operations for Write Mind Studio, the #1 hub for self-improvement resources.

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